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detail of Garden Path

artist statement

The creative process can reveal much about us, as our impulses, associations and reactions are made manifest. The process, for me, has become a means to examine and reflect on my experience, heritage and identity. I sometimes regard the array of events that make up my life as distinct, singular elements that can be considered independently or arbitrarily combined to infer larger understandings.

As a printmaker, I became accustomed to constructing images with independent layers of transparent color, each forming an integral part of a unified picture. Whether making prints or direct mixed-media works, I have now largely discarded the notion that these layers must be visually aligned or rationally connected. Separating and isolating visual components extends the associative properties for each and raises the possibility for larger, sometimes subtler, narratives. One's personal reconciliation of disconnected elements and layers can provide a vehicle for social, cultural or political self-examination.

Personal, family and political histories substantially inform my art, and I often incorporate photographic or illustrative elements alongside hand-drawn components. My images are often painterly and expressive in character, immediate responses to an event, memory or emotion, as many divergent ideas and elements come together.